Annika Derksen

Annika Derksen is a Dutch photographer currently based in London producing works in which she employs documentary modes. The starting points of her projects often lie in curiosity towards that which is unknown to her. Using the camera as a tool to comprehend, Annika depicts her personal encounters through photographs.





My biggest dream is to be the owner of a classical Volkswagen Van, preferably a blue one. - Donations are always welcome. - On the top of my bucket list is, next to travel around the world, the ability to speak at least five languages fluently. As as I currently only speak two, I should probably start working on that. Furthermore I dream to visit every continent, I think fish are utterly fascinating, my wish is to have two and I will name them Taco and Nacho. As well as that I'm hoping to one day be the proud owner of a dog named gorilla, even though the Orangutan is really my favourite animal. Also, I cannot live without my bicycle Harry.


On the other hand insects and I don’t exactly see eye to eye, in fact on the photo next to this there is one in my hair somewhere. I'm terribly afraid of heights, but seem to find myself standing on what I consider as 'high' places all the time. One of my biggest 'talents' is my clumsiness. Yet it seems to entertain people, so I guess that’s a good thing.