Little Penquite
Lostwithiel, Cornwall

The house was bought by Fiona Mackinnon and Martyn Woodfield in 1995.
In the years that followed, Little Penquite has been rebuilt and transformed into their family home.
​​​​​​​It is where Fiona and Martyn raised their four children; Kerry, Bethan, Sarah and Daniel. 
Fiona currently lives in Little Penquite on her own, mostly working on one of her numerous projects.
She is the family archivist who collects the family stories and narratives.
Every corner of the house occupies different objects and stories.
“Once you trigger the memories it’s kind of all there, that was so and so and that’s that and that.”
Sarah's Room
Daniel's Room
Dining Room
Kitchen and Extension
Fiona's Room
The Narratives

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